Good head stability and feel.This is what TEAM HONMA demands from this model.
We created a base for a stable sole and a solid-looking model. And milled SUS303 stainless steel, generates a solid feel.

At the request of professional player Komei Oda (JGTO), a drilled hosel was engineered to make the toe side heavier and lighten the heel.This lowers the center of gravity and makes for a more stable stroke.

The first model of the Tour World putter series.

Professional player Megumi Kido (JLPGA) and Shintaro Kobayashi (JGTO) use the TOUR WORLD TW-PT now, and Hideto Tanihara (JGTO) had positive results with it at district competitions.

  • Stability of the head at address
  • Target line
  • Hosel design
  • Shape of the Sole
  • Face angle
  • Width
  • Material of the Sole
  • Gravity point
  • Grip
  • Color
  • Total weight


TW Mallet Blade
Head Material Soft Stainless SUS303(body)+ Aluminium(sole)+ Tungsten(weight) Soft Stainless SUS303(body)+ Tungsten(weight)
manufacturing process Forged+CNC-milled(body)
Plating Matt black
Shaft Steel
Lie angle (deg.) 70 71
Loft (deg.) 2.5
Length (inches) 34
Total Weight (g) 535 530


Name TW Rubber
Material Rubber
Weight (g) 50.0
Size M60