For going farther in the world.

HONMA’s new Forge-cast Mesh & Rib Structure manufacturing process provides powerful deflection and resilience at the crown on impact. The clubface uses our new Ti- 5N material to achieve a better feel and reduced weight. This driver delivers all three components for superior flight—strong pull for improved initial acceleration, optimally placed center of gravity depth for a higher trajectory, and optimum spin for direction. By treating sensitivity as part of the club’s functionality, our master craftsmen have developed a clubface that ensures ease of address and a smooth swing. This is the one gentle-hitting, resonant club that golfers have been waiting for.

Achieving the ideal CG depth

In order to achieve the three elements that produce carry — increased initial velocity due to greater spring, as well as high trajectory and optimal spin through optimization of depth to the center of gravity — we have used the new technology and new materials noted above.

Effective Transmission of Power

The crown is manufactured using our Forge-cast mesh and rib structure. The forge-cast structure of the varying thickness created by the mesh and ribs improves rebound (resilience) from the force of impact. In the sole, the S-03 uses a mesh structure of high-strength G4 titanium to deliver a moderate level of deflection, amplifying rebound power and achieving an effective hitting angle.

Ti-5N, a World’s First

The S-03 uses our new Ti-5N material, featuring superior strength and lighter weight. Honma’s proprietary variable-thickness face also offers an expanded rebound surface and improved durability.

Maximum Use of Centrifugal Force and a Comfortable Address

Inserting the shaft farther toward the outside circumference of the head increases centrifugal forces during the swing, enhancing distance. Score lines on the clubface are oriented to the line of sight during address, enabling the golfer to comfortably address the ball facing the target and contributing to a smoother swing.


Head material/Manufacturing process Crown:3AL-2.5V Titanium Sole:G4 Titanium / Forged
Face material Ti 5N(titanium alloy)
Shaft ARMRQ∞ 49, ARMRQ∞ 54, ARMRQ∞ 45
Length(inches) 46.0
Loft (deg.) 9.5 10.5
Head volume(cm 3) 460 460
Lie angle (deg.) 59.5 59.5
Distance to Center of Gravity(mm) 42.5 42.5
Height to Center of Gravity(mm) 36.0 36.5
Length of Hitting Point(mm) 22.0 21.5
Depth to Center of Gravity(mm) 37.0 38.0
Gravity Angle(deg.) 21.0 21.0
Swing weight
·Gross weight (g)
ARMRQ∞ 49 R D1·282 D1·282
SR D2·285 D2·285
S D2·286 D2·286
ARMRQ∞ 54 R D1·291 D1·291
S D2·295 D2·295
ARMRQ∞ 45 R D1·278 D1·278


Material Carbon+eight-axisUD
Kick-point Low-Mid
Butt diameter (mm) 15.4
Tip diameter (mm) 8.6
Flex R,SR,S
Gross weight (g) R 49.5
SR 51.0
S 52.5
Torque (deg.) R 4.50
SR 4.45
S 4.40
Frequency (cpm) R 244
SR 252
S 260


Material Carbon+eight-axisUD
Kick-point Mid
Butt diameter (mm) 15.5
Tip diameter (mm) 8.6
Flex R,S
Gross weight (g) R 54.5
S 57.5
Torque (deg.) R 4.00
S 3.90
Frequency (cpm) R 255
S 271


Material Carbon+eight-axisUD
Kick-point Low
Butt diameter (mm) 15.4
Tip diameter (mm) 8.6
Flex R
Gross weight (g) R 45.5
Torque (deg.) R 5.60
Frequency (cpm) R 214


Name BERES Rubber III
Material Rubber
Shaft ARMRQ∞ 49, ARMRQ∞ 45 ARMRQ∞ 54
Gross weight (g) 38g 43g
Size 60 60