BeZEAL 535 “total design” optimizes the 3 factors of distance: initial velocity, launch angle and spin rate by the use of key technologies.
The head shape has been further developed, remains easy-to-address.

Key technologies

  • GROOVE POWER AREA. To expand the repulsion area of the face for increased ball speed and distance.
  • Head shape redesign for a further and lower the center of gravity providing a high launch angle with low spin.
  • Increased forgiveness on the toe and the heal to promote a "back to the center trajectory" on miss shots.
  • Easy to catch the ball thanks to the position of the 7gr weigth.

VIZARD for BeZEAL 48gr. shaft

  • With EPT Technology. The VIZARD shaft has been designed to properlly transfer the energy to the head and the ball at the time that maintains a low spin rate.
  • Lower-kick-point and higher-kick-point have been relocated to increase the strength on the grip area for a better shaft timing.
  • Computer Aided Engineering has been used for the selection of the carbon fiber material from TORAY Inc. We have used the best materials including “a vibration damping material” selected among a hundred kinds of TORAYCA Preprigs carbon fiber with plenty of design simulation data.


Structural drawings

Expansion of sweet spot area (specially in the case of mishit on the heel side)

Easy-to-catch the ball due to a higher center of gravity angle


Head material / Manufacturing process SUS630 Steel / Casting
Face material / Manufacturing process High-stregth custom steel / Rolled
Shaft VIZARD for BeZEAL 535
Loft (deg.) U19 / 19º U22 / 22º U25 / 25º
Length(inches) 40.5 40 39.5
Head volume (cm 3) 135
Lie angle (deg.) 60
Face progression(mm) 15.5 16.5 17.5
Face Angle(deg.) 0.0
Length of Hosel(mm) 59.5
Thickness of face(mm) 35.5 36 36.6
Thickness of head(mm) 37.5
Width of Head(mm) 65 64 63
Head Weight(g) 225 230 235
Distance to Center of Gravity(mm) 32.5 33 33.5
Height to Center of Gravity(mm) 21 21.5 22
Effective hitting area(mm) 14.5
Depth to Center of Gravity(mm) 29
Gravity Angle(deg.) 19.5 19 18
Moment of Inertia(g-cm2) 2400
Swing weight·Gross weight (g) R D0·327 D0·331 D0·335
S-R D1·330 D1·334 D1·338
S D1·331 D1·335 D1·339
Shaft VIZARD for BeZEAL 535
Diametter of Tip R Outside 9.30mm / Inside 5.08mm
Flex R S-R S
Diameter of Butt 15.4 15.5 15.6
Shaft Weight(g) U19 46.5 48 49.5
U22 46 47.5 49
U25 45 46.5 48
Torque(deg.) 5.50 5.40 5.30
Frequency(cpm) U19 268 276 284
U22 272 280 288
U25 284 288 292
Length(mm) R 1020 1008 995