Tungsten parts have been fused with a milled head designed for excellent feel through impact, a high degree of accuracy and exceptionally beautiful finish in the pursuit of even greater functionality.

Structural drawings

The high specific gravity of our tungsten heel and toe implants increases the Moment of Inertia. The weight is low where you need it. Just roll it in.

Emblem has 2 color to choose from: Black and Red.

Face insert.

Face insert with grooves, reduces the contact with the ball, making the ball roll better.


Head material Soft iron (body) + Soft stainless steel SUS304 (face) + Tungsten (sole)
Manufacturing process CNC Milled Soft Iron
Finish Gloss Nickel Platinum-Colored Finished
Shaft Original Steel
Length 34 Inches


"Tour Classic" Putter Grip from Golf Pride uses the fine orthodox rubber as material. The angle-shaped grip fits golfers' hands comfortably.

Name Honma Rubber Putter Gold
Color Black (Logo: Gold)
Material Rubber
Weight 84g