• BERES U-06 Utility Lady
  • BERES U-06 Utility
  • BERES U-06 Utility



Easy to hit the ball up

  • The back of the the head has been redesigned and now is shallower to provide a deep center of gravity.
  • New position of the center of gravity facilitates to launch the ball in the air.
  • The leading edge of the head facilitates to aim the ball to the target.

SUS630 High-strength custom steel

The adoption of a strong steel alloy provides maximum strenght in a thin and lighweight head for improved repulsion maintaining durability.

12gr weigth

The 12gr weight on the sole has been placed in the right position to increase the angle between the weigth and the center of gravity, now it is much easier to catch the ball.

New ARMRQ X shaft designed to perfectly match E-06

By the use of Torayca carbon fibers specifically selected for this new shaft our engenieers have been able to reduce the weight of the shaft by 1gr, maintaining the soft feel and consistency, and reducing the backspin.

The adoption of the new X layer (10 axis cross fiber) is a key element for the performance of this new shaft generation.

Structural drawings


Head material / Manufacturing process SUS630 high-strength custom steel / Casting
Face material / Manufacturing process SUS630 high-strength custom steel / Rolled
Shaft ARMRQ X 38
Loft (deg.) 19º 22º 25º 28º
Length(inches) 39.5 39 38.5 38
Head volume (cm3) 134 133 132 131
Swing weight·Gross weight (g) ARMRQ X 38 L


C1·297 C1·301 C1·305
A C2·296 C2·300 C2·304 C2·308
Shaft ARMRQ X 38
Diametter of Tip R Outside 9.30mm / Inside 5.72mm
Flex L A
Diameter of Butt 15 15.1
Number Shaft Weigth(g)
19º 38.5 40
22º 38 39.5
25º 37.5 39
28º 36.5 38
Number Frequency(cpm)
19º 230 237
22º 235 242
25º 240 247
28º 245 252
Torque by Shaft Model (deg.)
2 star 5.90 5.85
3 star 5.75 5.70
4 star 5.30 5.25
5 star 5.15 5.10