The BERES 05 fairway woods are designed for even longer carry distance

With previous model, there is dead space between the toe side of the sole and the ground at address. S-05 FW is designed to have the sole shape in which the sole surface on the toe side is brought close to the ground, which reduce the dead space, providing a center of gravity -2.5mm lower, even though the face height is 2mm higher (compared to S-03 3W). As a result, height of the hitting area expanded 4.5mm, and gained high trajectories low spin. This provides an easier address position.

ARMRQ ∞ shaft that satisfies the high trajectories, low spin, and easily catches the ball

Even the longer length achieves swings easier than ever before.

Enables the maximum carry distance of the target.

Structural drawings

Cup face structure

The thin section of the upper and lower face increases the amount of face deflection, which increases the repulsion, providing control and powerful trajectories (adopted for #3 only).

The thickness is controlled for each club by the center of gravity flow design

The deep/low center of gravity grips the ball at impact. Balls are easier to hit in high and straight, providing longer carry distance.

With the shallow center of gravity, balls are prevented from being over-gripped, allowing you to stop the balls in fade trajectories with the appropriate spin.


ARMRQ∞ 53 Driver (2S/1W)
Flex R S
Gross weight (g) 53.5 56.5
Torque (deg.) 4.15 4.05
Kick-point Mid


ARMRQ∞ 48 Driver (2S/1W)
Flex R SR S
Gross weight (g) 48.5 50.0 51.5
Torque (deg.) 4.65 6.60 4.55
Kick-point Low-mid


ARMRQ∞ 44 Driver (2S/1W)
Flex R
Gross weight (g) 44.5
Torque (deg.) 5.75
Kick-point Low


Head material/Manufacturing process SUS630/Forged
Face material/ Manufacturing process High-Strength Custom Steel/Forged
Shaft ARMRQ∞ 48, ARMRQ∞ 53, ARMRQ∞ 44
# (No.) 3W 5W 7W
Length(inches) 43.0 42.5 42.0
Loft (deg.) 15 18 21
Head volume (cm 3) 190 179 171
Lie angle (deg.) 59.0 59.5 60.0
Distance to Center of Gravity(mm) 33.0 32.5 32.0
Height to Center of Gravity(mm) 23.0 24.0 24.0
Effective hitting area(mm) 15.0 13.5 13.0
Depth to Center of Gravity(mm) 32.0 31.5 31.0
Gravity Angle (deg.) 27.0 24.0 22.0
weight (g)
ARMRQ∞ 48 R D0·298 D0·302 D0·306
SR D1·301 D1·305 D1·309
S D1·302 D1·306 D1·310
ARMRQ∞ 53 R D0·309 D0·313 D0·317
S D1·313 D1·317 D1·321
ARMRQ∞ 44 R D0·295 D0·299 D0·303