Longer carry distance with crown deflection.
The internal crown rib structure is parallel with the surface of the face, which causes deflection of the crown, achieving longer carry distance.

Lower density material provided remove excess weight and places the weight in the sole effectively. As a result, it allows golfers to have the longer carry distance.

Optimum center-of-gravity design with the excess weight obtained by a thinner crown
The center-of-gravity design easily increases trajectory.

The load method meets the needs for each club.
3W easily grips and lifts the ball; 5W moderately grips the ball; and 7W is focussed on the control and spin performance. This help each club become powerful.

ARMRQ ∞ shaft that satisfies the high trajectories, low spin, and easily catches the ball
Even the longer length achieves swings easier than ever before.

Enables the maximum carry distance of the target.

Structural drawings

Crown rib structure

The crown's internal rib securely receives the impact from balls and maximizes the stress, achieving a longer carry distance.

3W easily grips and lifts the ball; 5W moderately grips the ball; and 7W is focused on the control and spin performance.


Material Carbon+eight-axisUD
Kick-point Low
Flex L
Butt diameter (mm) 15.1
Tip diameter (mm) 8.6
# (No.) 3W 5W 7W
Gross weight (g) 39.5 39.0 38.5
Torque (deg.) 5.75
Frequency (cpm) 218 223 228


Face material/Manufacturing process High-Strength Custom Steel/Rolled
Shaft ARMRQ∞ 39
# (No.) 3W 5W 7W
Length (inches) 41.75 41.25 40.75
Loft (deg.) 16 19 22
Head volume (cm3) 178 167 159
Lie angle (deg.) 60.0 60.5 61.0
Distance to Center of Gravity (mm) 32.0 31.5 31.5
Height to Center of Gravity (mm) 25.5 26.0 26.5
Effective hitting area (mm) 9.5 8.5 8.0
Depth to Center of Gravity (mm) 35.0 34.5 34.0
Gravity Angle (deg.) 27.5 26.0 25.0
Swing weight·
Gross weight(g)
ARMRQ∞ 39 L C1·277 C1·281 C1·285


"Tour Classic" Putter Grip from Golf Pride uses the fine orthodox rubber as material. The angle-shaped grip fits golfers' hands comfortably.

Name BERES Rubber III
Material Rubber
Gross weight (g) 32
Size 57